tedd wrote:
> Hi gang:
> Considering we recently had several people mention what games they play,
> it might be interesting to see what everyone plays.
> As for me, I currently play "Modern Warfare 2" on XBOX. It's the most
> recent in a long line of war games (i.e., Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, etc.).
> My gamer tag is "special tedd"
> What's your game?

Honestly, I'm some kind of freak that refuses to play games on my "pc",
keep it for work, learning and inventing only - however, there is one
caveat which is Civilization 4 (which i haven't played for about 2 years
now), and occasionally I'll play mario kart on the wii, the other
occasional is Bejewelled on the mrs's iphone 3gs.

stupid thing is I have all the games consoles apart from a PS3!

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