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> I've been thinking about this problem for a little while, and the thing
> is, I can think of ways of doing it, but they're not very nice, and I
> don't think they're going to be fast.
> Basically, I have a load of HTML formatted content in a database that
> get displayed onto the site. It's part of a rudimentary CMS.
> Currently, the titles for each article are displayed on a page, and each
> title links to the full article. However, that leaves me with a page
> which is essentially a list of links, and that's not ideal for SEO. What
> I wanted to do to enhance the page is to have a short excerpt of x
> number of words/characters beneath each article title. The idea being
> that search engines will find the page as more than a link farm, and
> visitors won't have to just rely on the title alone for the content.
> Here's the rub though. As the content is in HTML form, I can't just grab
> the first 100 characters and display them as that could leave an open
> tag  without a closing one, potentially breaking the page. I could use
> strip_tags on the 100-character excerpt, but what if the excerpt itself
> broke a tag in half (i.e. <acronym title="something"> could become
> <acron )
> The only solutions I can see are:
>      * retrieve the entire article, perform a strip_tags and then take
>        the excerpt
>      * use a regex inside of mysql to pull out only the text
> The thing is, neither of these seems particularly pretty, and I am sure
> there's a better way, but it's too early in the week for my brain to be
> fully functional I think!
> Does anyone have any ideas about what I could do, or do you think I'm
> seeing problems where there are none?

Use htmltidy or htmlpurifier to clean up things. I.e. grab the amount
of content you want, then use one of the tools to repair and clean the


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