At 11:52 AM +0100 4/26/10, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
-snip- SEO concerns

Does anyone have any ideas about what I could do, or do you think I'm
seeing problems where there are none?



Not only do you have to consider SEO for content, but what about content for an internal Site Search?

I was confronted with the same problem (links to lot's of PDF files) and created a brief description of each article (PDF) that would be provided to SEO's and for Internal Searches. Sure, it's another field, but it works.

Not that it's bad, but I do everything I can to keep html out of my database. In my view, the database is there to deliver content not code. I have entire sites that spring from a single index.php page that is loaded with different content depending upon what the user wants -- the site looks big, but consists of a single page.




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