Teus Benschop wrote:
>> I'm still shocked you guys are still writing code that has errors in it,
>> what's worse is you know about the errors, and instead of fixing them
>> you're just telling the user about it!
> The point here is that we, programmers, know that we write code with
> bugs in it. We are realistic about it, that is, we know that perfect
> code does not exist, and that there are bugs in it. So what we care
> about is to bring this reality to the users in a gracious manner. And
> the other thing is that if for example a database is down, that is not
> our fault, it is an external error, but this error should be brought to
> the user as well. Teus.

had hoped the addition of a (now stripped) :p emote would ensure taking
the above as a joke tbh  ;)

regardless, might I add that exceptions or errors mapped through to the
appropriate HTTP status code and a friendly site specific error document
may be a good way to proceed.

A good example of friendly error documents can be seen at most of the
major sites around the web that we all frequent (or are at least aware of).

Further, these friendly documents make it clear that the error is a
server / application error and that no action the user takes will fix
the error.


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