On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 12:12:31PM -0400, tedd wrote:

> At 4:13 PM +0200 4/27/10, Peter Lind wrote:
>> If only the world consisted of smart users ... I think, however, that
>> we're generally closer to the opposite. And no, I don't hate users -
>> I've just seen too many people do things that were very far removed
>> from "smart".
>> Regards
>> Peter
> Peter et al:
> Smart is a relative term. I have one account where the majority of
> users are PhD's -- and they indeed have the "smarts" and the
> sheepskins to prove it.
> You would be surprised as to how many of those forget their logons
> and insist that they did not enter their logons as they were
> recorded. For example, I had one user (i.e., fictitious Mary Smith)
> who said that "marysmith" was not her logon because she always uses
> "msmith" for all her logons -- but that was what was recorded in the
> database.
> I tried to explain to her that the database doesn't make this stuff
> up, for example how would the script know to use "marysmith" for her
> logon if she had not provided it? But somehow it was the script's
> fault for not knowing she always uses "msmith". Keep in mind these
> are people with PhD's. I have many other stories.

There's the problem right there. PhD egos. Seen it before.

In my company, we deal with a lot of doctors. For us, that means
chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians, optomotrists and the like. Who
we don't deal with is doctors of the MD variety. They are way too
arrogant, and their staffs typically back that claim up. The few times
we've dealt with them, it's always been a disaster.


Paul M. Foster

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