Thank you Scott for the various ideas. I am preventing an eventual 'no
referer' situation with a default url provided by who opens an account.

  I am getting (and trying to give :)) help on this list, so I will ask
first before doing... Is it normal to announce personal projects here? This
one is an open source referer system, where you can build a website to offer
'recommend' services to other people.

  When is it ready, can I post here? And maybe for some other projects too


  Julio Nobrega.

One and One and One is Three
"Scott" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> a partial suggestion would be to try an fopen() on the
> HTTP_REFERER if it was a static document like .html or .txt
> but if someone is being redirected from a CGI script or
> dyanmic page of any sort, it'll be virtually impossible
> to find out exactly where they came from.... and if that
> page is valid or not.
> or you could try to determine the host name of HTTP_REFERER,
> then perform an nslookup of that hostname to determine if
> it exists and is valid.
> but both of those will probably give your script a
> rather nasty performance hit while still not being
> 100% reliable.
> you can find out if the referrer *looks* OK, but there's
> virtually no way you can find out 100% if the referrer
> is actually where the user came from, and if it's an
> actual page somewhere out there on the internet...

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