i know that i am always interested to see code posted
on this list... even if i cannot personally use the code,
i'm always curious to see how people write code.

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> From: Inércia Sensorial [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Subject: Re: [PHP] Re: $HTTP_REFERER < 10
>   Thank you Scott for the various ideas. I am preventing an eventual 'no
> referer' situation with a default url provided by who opens an account.
>   I am getting (and trying to give :)) help on this list, so I will ask
> first before doing... Is it normal to announce personal projects here? This
> one is an open source referer system, where you can build a website to offer
> 'recommend' services to other people.
>   When is it ready, can I post here? And maybe for some other projects too
> ;-)

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