On 05/01/2010 10:23 PM, Andre Polykanine wrote:
Hello everyone,
Just a basic question.
I have my class starting like this:

Class OireMail {
// these are required
public $smtp_server="";
public $domain="";
public $from="";
public $login="";
public $pass="";

And then go the function themselves.
I was told that it's better to put the initial variables in the
__construct() function. What are the advantages of doing that and if I
need to do it, how would I call the class from another file then?

The advantages of initializing the variables in __construct() is that whenever an object of the class is created, the variables have the values you expect.

If you don't put them in __construct(), you will have to create another method which will have to be called after you have created the object using the new operator.

Ultimately its the same thing, __construct() is called automatically, only that's the difference.

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