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From: Richard Quadling <rquadl...@googlemail.com>
To: Andre Polykanine <an...@oire.org>
Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010, 10:49:49 PM
Subject: [PHP] A stupid question about classes

On 1 May 2010 20:38, Andre Polykanine <an...@oire.org> wrote:
> Hello Nilesh,
> So could you illustrate a bit the __construct() function, please?
> Should I pass those variables as parameters of that function? And what
> if I need to change their values?)
> Thanks!

// The generic class which can act standalone.
Class OireMail {
        // these are required
        public $smtp_server="";
        public $domain="";
        public $from="";
        public $login="";
        public $pass="";

        public function __construct($smtp_server = '', $domain = '', $from =
'', $login = '', $pass = '') {
                $this->stmp_server = $smtp_server;
                $this->domain = $domain;
                $this->from = $from;
                $this->login = $login;
                $this->pass = $pass;

// Let's create a generic email class and supply all the params.
$Mail = new OireMail('Server', 'Domain', 'f...@domain.com', 'login',

// A more specialised version of the class with all the required params pre set.
Class SpecialisedOireMail extends OireMail {
        public function __construct() {
                parent::__construct('SpecServer', 'SpecDomain',
's...@specdomain.com', 'SpecLogin', 'SpecPassw0rd');

// Let's create a specialised version. Note - no need to supply params
as the sub-class deals with that.
$SpecMail = new SpecialisedOireMail();

var_dump($Mail, $SpecMail);

outputs ...

object(OireMail)#1 (6) {
  string(0) ""
  string(6) "Domain"
  string(15) "f...@domain.com"
  string(5) "login"
  string(8) "Passw0rd"
  string(6) "Server"
object(SpecialisedOireMail)#2 (6) {
  string(0) ""
  string(10) "SpecDomain"
  string(19) "s...@specdomain.com"
  string(9) "SpecLogin"
  string(12) "SpecPassw0rd"
  string(10) "SpecServer"

Hope that helps.

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