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> Hi gang:
> I found something that really impressed me -- please review this:


> Now, we also have smaller images of 12 different stones (in heads) that are
> all the same size. Thus, as the user picks the stones and positions they
> want and the image is assembled "on the fly".
> Is that the way you see this? Or is there a better way?
> Cheers,
> tedd
Personally, I wouldn't bother building an image generator (which isn't that
difficult to do with GD or Imagick--and I wouldn't go as far as to save the
values in a database). This can easily be done in Javascript.
The only reason to build an image generator is if the images need to be used
in a non-browser environment, e.g. sent to the user in an e-mail or enclosed
in a PDF.

At minimum you need all colorized images of the jewels, but you could even
do with one single image and colorize it using <canvas>. Too bad that's not
supported in anything other than (iirc) Firefox and the Webkit nightly.


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