On May 14, 2010, at 4:01 AM, Manolis Vlachakis wrote:

I encode my password with md5 base 64 ..on the php side but
i have a problem with the POST that this function i using on my form.
after posting my data + is replaced with space

I came out with that explanation after a lot of tries and echos in my code
files i found out that
after using numbers ,onlu on that case, in the password field the space
between the encoding was replaced with a + or / sometimes
i tried to remove the + or / but still i get the same results
any ideas

data: "firstname="+ firstname +"& lastname="+ lastname +"& username="+ username +"& email="+ email +"& password="+ password +"& save="+ save+"&
user_type="+ user_type,

I don't know JQuery, but when passing a variable in a url with the "&", you cant have a space after the & nor a space before or after the +. If that is actually what you are doing with "data". The browser may be just deleting the +. Not positive.

& lastname="+ lastname +"

needs to be


Not sure if that would solve your problem, but may be a problem in its own.

HTH some,


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