On 14 May 2010 15:16, Manolis Vlachakis <vlachakis.mano...@gmail.com> wrote:
> i uses str_replace finally and it works..
> but still i would like to know how this problem comes up
> cause i would like to be sure on whatever password is going to be used
> weather that is a number a letter or a combination of those two
> any ideas,
> oh and thank you for your replies !
> Manolis Vlachakis

Looking over your JS again (wrong mailing list for this topic,
really), Karl was actually half past right.

You need to understand urls: spaces are not kosher and will typically
be handled one way or the other instead of just allowed. So in your JS

data: "firstname="+ firstname +"& lastname="+ lastname +"& username="+
username +"& email="+ email +"& password="+ password +"& save="+ save+"&
user_type="+ user_type,

You need to remove the space after & (you're constantly inserting
blank spaces in your string for no reason) as I'm guessing you don't
have any spaces inside the data you're dealing with.


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