On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 5:18 PM, Ashley Sheridan
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> On Thu, 2010-05-13 at 17:13 -0400, David Mehler wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I want to open an external link in a new window, i know i can do this
>> with xhtml, but only with the transitional dtd, which i'm not using. I
>> was wondering if php could pull this off?
>> Thanks.
>> Dave.
> No. PHP is on the server, not the client-side. If you can't use
> something like target="_blank" in your xhtml, then consider using
> Javascript. It's not the ideal solution, as it won't work where
> scripting is disabled or not available.
> Thanks,
> Ash
> http://www.ashleysheridan.co.uk

It may or may not be the "ideal" solution, but I'm pretty sure it is
considered the "correct" solution going forward. I recall reading
somewhere that things like controlling the "target" for a link are
considered behavior rather than part of the document's semantic
structure, and therefore belong in scripting rather than markup under
XHTML. That makes sense given that one of the goals of XHTML is
structured documents that can be consumed by multiple services,
including but not exclusively web browsers.

This also has the side effect that the decision of whether to open a
link in the current window or a new window/tab belongs to the viewer
instead of the author, which some argue is exactly as it should be.


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