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> There are still valid reasons to use it. On my own site for example, and
> links which lead outside of my site open up in a new tab/window. I link
> to a lot of other external sites often in my blog entries, and I think
> it's valid that these links open up in new tabs/windows so that my site
> is left open when they read the rest of the article.
> I guess I could add some form of indication that the link will open up
> in a new window though.
> Thanks,
> Ash
> http://www.ashleysheridan.co.uk
I don't entirely agree that the target attribute should be avoided, or that
you absolutely need to use Strict XHTML rather than Transitional. There
really aren't that many differences between them. Yes, a lot of legacy
elements were removed, but those that program in valid XHTML tend to not use
them anyway.

The real reason why target is a little ill-conceived is because not all
target devices are able to use it in a valid way, e.g. phones with simple
web browsers. But if it was never your intention to support those devices,
using Transitional and the target attribute really isn't an issue.


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