Kevin wrote:
>>> I am having some issues with connecting to a SQLite database right now
>>> ... I'm getting the following error "Fatal Error: 'sqlite_open' is an
>>> unknown function"
>>> But I'm putting that on the side right now.
>> I think the docs are still screwed up. Try sqlite3_open() instead and
>> see if that works. Also, check phpinfo() to see if the SQLite/SQLite3
>> modules are loaded.
> I tried with sqlite3_open() and it gave the same error.

  THEN ... 'check phpinfo()'
Obviously sqlite extension is not actually loaded.
You don't aey which OS ... On windows there are a list of extensions in the 
php.ini file, just 'uncomment' the one(s) you need ...

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There is no sqlite3_open() - there is only an OOP interface for php_sqlite3.

I wrote to the list in frustration about this choice not too long ago, and
concluded that the only way to accomplish this is to:

1.) Use php-sqlite3 extension (not to be confused with the php_sqlite3 -
dash vs underscore) - but this isn't a great solution because it would mean
you would need to ask your host to enable a custom extension, which they
usually don't do. If you're hosting this app on your own server, then give
it a bash.

2.) Otherwise, get involved in PECL development and help give php_sqlite3 a
procedural interface.

Of course, if you're looking for basic database storage, then SQLite2
(php_sqlite) would work fine.

Best of luck,

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