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> Hi all, we are running Apache 2.2.6 and PHP 5.2.6 on a Linux machine.  If 
> someone gets an error when displaying a php web page, he does not get any 
> error message on the screen.  The arror is written into the apache error log 
> file, but most users don't have access to the apache error logand i would 
> like the user to see the error on the screen.
> Is there anything I can do?
> thanks for any help.
> Malka Cymbalista
> Webmaster, Weizmann Institute of Science
> malki.cymbali...@weizmann.ac.il 
> 08-934-3036

By most users I assume you mean the developers, as it's not a very good
idea to display errors to actual users of your app (it gives information
away which could be used to break your system and allow them access to
your server)

There is a section inside the php.ini that you can use. Look for the
display_errors flag and set it to on. Just above or below that line
should be another which determines the exact type of errors to display.
The documentation within the ini file itself should show you some


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