Hi List,

I have met with little success sending mail from PHP. I have used mainly the
mail() function but have also tried imap_mail() which the documentation says
is just a wrapper around mail().

Here is my understanding of the situation:
On Windows (WampServer 2.0i ) I manage to send email after setting SMTP =
smtp.someserver.com. I guess this works because the server I use relays all
mail received; it does not check if the user has been registered or not. It
obviously does not bother about the password.

On Linux (Centos 5.XX, XAMPP 1.7.2), the above function [mail()] does not
work. On Linux, what I have understood, is that the smtp server settings in
php.ini do not matter. The sendmail / mail (something like that) utility is
called which sends the mail. I have put in the correct sendmail_path setting
in php.ini, but, I guess this utility is not configured since I don't
receive the mail and running the code does not throw up errors or warnings.

What I need to achieve is the ability to send attachments in an email from
PHP. I would like one of the following options (in order of preference):

1. Create an email account (specifically Google Apps Mail) and send email as
that user. This will not be trivial. I will need to get a fix on
authenticating, logging in etc.
2. Send mail using an SMTP server. Could you also point me to links showing
installation / setting up of a SMTP server on Linux? The XAMPP docs say the
Mercury mailserver is included, but I couldn't find any help for setting it
3. Configuring the sendmail utility on Linux

Alternaltly, any URLs giving the entire picture are also welcome. So far, I
have only found info that is almost verbatim copy of the PHP manual. They
just explain the different mail libraries and functions without considering
the mail servers and all the back end.

Thanks for taking the trouble to read!


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