On 19 May 2010 13:27, Ferdi <ferdinan...@printo.in> wrote:
> Hi List,
> I have met with little success sending mail from PHP. I have used mainly the
> mail() function but have also tried imap_mail() which the documentation says
> is just a wrapper around mail().
> Here is my understanding of the situation:
> On Windows (WampServer 2.0i ) I manage to send email after setting SMTP =
> smtp.someserver.com. I guess this works because the server I use relays all
> mail received; it does not check if the user has been registered or not. It
> obviously does not bother about the password.
> On Linux (Centos 5.XX, XAMPP 1.7.2), the above function [mail()] does not
> work. On Linux, what I have understood, is that the smtp server settings in
> php.ini do not matter. The sendmail / mail (something like that) utility is
> called which sends the mail. I have put in the correct sendmail_path setting
> in php.ini, but, I guess this utility is not configured since I don't
> receive the mail and running the code does not throw up errors or warnings.
> What I need to achieve is the ability to send attachments in an email from
> PHP. I would like one of the following options (in order of preference):
> 1. Create an email account (specifically Google Apps Mail) and send email as
> that user. This will not be trivial. I will need to get a fix on
> authenticating, logging in etc.
> OR
> 2. Send mail using an SMTP server. Could you also point me to links showing
> installation / setting up of a SMTP server on Linux? The XAMPP docs say the
> Mercury mailserver is included, but I couldn't find any help for setting it
> up.
> OR
> 3. Configuring the sendmail utility on Linux
> Alternaltly, any URLs giving the entire picture are also welcome. So far, I
> have only found info that is almost verbatim copy of the PHP manual. They
> just explain the different mail libraries and functions without considering
> the mail servers and all the back end.
> Thanks for taking the trouble to read!
> Regards,
> Ferdi

Easiest is (if you're on *nix) to setup an MTA like postfix or exim to
relay emails from the localhost. Then get a good mail library like
Swiftmailer and point that to the local MTA. Typically, that's about
the setup you need to do (if you keep things simple, that is: if you
want to mess about with postfix/exim you'll see days or months go by).


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