I have a contact form with three fields, name, email, and comment, and a CAPTCHA

I am doing some basic validation for empty fields but am getting a PHP error when trying to redirect back to the original page with an ERROR,

It seems when my COMMENT field contains <BR>s, it generates the PHP ERROR. No <BR?s works perfectly. Am I missing a function for the comment that is necessary for the GET STRING return?

if($_POST['name'] AND $_POST['email'] AND $_POST['comment']) {
header("location: contactus.php?Error=Missing values in REQUIRED FIELDS&name=".$_POST['name']."&email=".$_POST['email']."&comment=". $_POST['comment']);


if($_SESSION['Captcha_Str'] != $_POST['scode']) {
echo "HI";
header("location: contactus.php?Error=You did not enter your SECURITY CODE correctly. It is case sensitive.&name=".$_POST['name']."&email=". $_POST['email']."&comment=".$_POST['comment']);

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