Rick Dwyer wrote:
Hello List.

I need to parse the PATH portion of URL. I have assigned the path portion to a variable using the following:

$thepath = parse_url($url);

Now I need to break each portion of the path down into its own variable. The problem is, the path can vary considerably as follows:




How do I get the either of the above url paths broken out so the variables equal the following

$dir1 = mydirectory
$dir2 = mysubdirectory
$dir3 = anothersubdirectory
$page = mypage.php

...etc... if there were 5 more subdirectories... they would be dynamically assigned to a variable.

  Thanks for any help.


function my_parse_url( $url )
    $parsed = parse_url( $url );
    $parsed['file'] = basename( $parsed['path'] );
$parsed['pathbits'] = explode( '/', ltrim( dirname( $parsed['path'] ), '/' ) );

    return $parsed;

$url = my_parse_url( 'http://foo.fee.com/blah/bleh/bluh/meh.php' );
print_r( $url );


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