Hi Everyone,

One of my developers is reporting a problem on our Live server but not our 
devel server.

Specifically when someon uploads a photo taken by a KODAK EASYSHARE C813, and 
that image gets processed by imagecreatefromjpeg(), the function returns false.

Our Devel Server Info [this works fine]
        PHP Version : 5.2.6-3
        GD Version: 2.0 or higher.
        EXIF Version: 1.4

Our Live Server Info [this one is the one that fails]
        PHP Version: 5.2.13
        GD Version : 2.0.34 compatible
        EXIF Version : 1.4
To see an example of this in action, 

Working function : http://www.equipmentsearch.com/~jeff/tmp/image.php?i=w
Not working function : http://www.equipmentsearch.com/~jeff/tmp/image.php?i=n

http://www.equipmentsearch.com/~jeff/tmp/image.php.txt is the code.
Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions of where to look next?

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