On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 10:26, Jeff MacDonald <j...@bignose.ca> wrote:
> To see an example of this in action,
> Working function : http://www.equipmentsearch.com/~jeff/tmp/image.php?i=w
> Not working function : http://www.equipmentsearch.com/~jeff/tmp/image.php?i=n
> http://www.equipmentsearch.com/~jeff/tmp/image.php.txt is the code.
> Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions of where to look next?

    If your code is an accurate representation, and not just an
example to demonstrate the function source in action, then that's your
problem (which I doubt, of course), as you're specifically calling the
value of $_GET['i'] to determine which static image to display.  Also,
you use $_GET['i'] == w.  Since 'w' is not a constant, it will revert
to using the literal w, but that's not such great form there, Spanky.

    Is the image loaded from the local filesystem directly, or is it
using an HTTP or other over-the-wire call?  If it's not local, check
to ensure that you have the URL fopen option enabled.

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