Hello Carlos,

Something like this (assuming that the field with the type of the user
- admin, sales, etc. - is called `Status`, and the table is called
$f=mysql_fetch_assoc(mysql_query("SELECT `Status`, COUNT(*) AS
`UserExists` FROM `Users` WHERE
`Name`='".$_POST['name']."' AND
if ($f['UserExists']>0) { // name and password are correct
switch ($f['Status']) {
                     case 'ADMIN': include "adminmenu.php"; break;
                     case 'SALES': include "salesmenu.php"; break;
                     // ...
                     } else {
                     die ("You entered either an incorrect login or an
                     incorrect password.");
                     I assume you store crypted passwords in your
                     database, and the algorythm is md5 (there are
                     better solutions, but I used it simply for this

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Subject: [PHP] Login form + User level access

Hello everyone.

I have this question: I'm developing a login system but what I need is to do is 
access levels

I mean, in my database I have this users:


So, What I do basically need is, when a user from sales log in.. I want him to 
see just the menu from SALES, He cannot see others menu options, and he can't 
get access, I was reading that I can do that with  Switch,  but really I have 
no idea about it... Any help?

Thank you.

Carlos Sura.

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