Thank you for your answer Ted, You are right, well, I do have my login form, 
but what I do not understand is how to implement switch statement.

switch ($level){

case 0:

include ("admin.php");


case 1:

include ("sales.php");


case 2:

include ("superuser.php");



Now I'm wondering if every page has to have something like:

if ($level==2){

} else {


but, I think that might check link pages, and whole menu... Not, just the menu 
for admin as example.
So, that's why I'm asking for help... I was saying just the idea to get example 
codes, to base on it, asking : how do I get to london?, not how do I drive a 


Carlos Sura.

> Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2010 15:58:10 -0400
> To:;
> From:
> Subject: Re: [PHP] Login form + User level access
> At 7:46 PM +0000 6/29/10, Carlos Sura wrote:
> >Hello everyone.
> >
> >I have this question: I'm developing a login system but what I need 
> >is to do is access levels
> >
> >I mean, in my database I have this users:
> >
> >Admin
> >Superusers
> >sales
> >purchase
> >etc
> >
> >So, What I do basically need is, when a user from sales log in.. I 
> >want him to see just the menu from SALES, He cannot see others menu 
> >options, and he can't get access, I was reading that I can do that 
> >with  Switch,  but really I have no idea about it... Any help?
> >
> >Thank you.
> >
> >Carlos Sura.
> Carlos:
> That's a little like saying, "I want to build a car so I can drive 
> around the country. I was reading that I could do that with a key, 
> but I don't have any idea about it... Any help?"
> Yes, you can use a switch statement, but that just one control 
> structure in a much, much larger application.
> Cheers,
> tedd
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