Al wrote:

> I know this is a bit off-topic; but close enough.
> I'm starting to update the email feature of one of my DB applications
> and noticed that it appears most of the fancy emails I receive are
> using just plain old, simple html pages, with a note about not being
> able to see, go here with a link.
> It use to be that we specified content-type text/html, etc. and sent
> both the plain ASCII and the html with boundaries and so forth.

Yes, multipart/alternative that was. 

> Seems like, from my preliminary Google searching, I should not waste
> time with the standard's way and just go straight to sending simple
> html pages since all modern browsers handle it well. 
> And, it appears to be the way web is going.
> What are you folks doing?

We follow the standard and send both text and html. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (24.5°C)

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