Paul M Foster wrote:

> Here is the real problem with HTML email. Any straight text message
> will swell to many times its size when you HTML-ize it. Okay, so now
> you're sending the message around the internet to perhaps hundreds or
> thousands of users, using up many times the bandwidth that the actual
> message really needs. It's like installing a 100w light bulb when a
> 60w will do. There's simply no reason to suck CPU cycles all over the
> internet just to make your message "prettier".

In principle, I agree - in practice, CPU cycles are getting cheaper by
the minute, and being wasted all the time. Not using HTML is highly
unlikely to have a measurable impact on anybodys CPU cycles. 

Besides, HTML is not just about making the message prettier.  A number
of times I have experienced that important system notifications (from
our systems to customers') were simply ignored, apparently due to being
plain text.  We decided to "jazz them up" a bit, and it worked. 

Per Jessen, Zürich (25.6°C)

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