Hello all,

I have problem with protecting files inside of folder. So, I have one
folder with files inside and the idea is to be able to see those files
(format is not important) only when you are logged in system.
I can't use solutions like to set some wierd name so that actually
user is hardly able to guess the real path to that file, something
like http://site.com/files/we23h4hk234hjksdjrjkl23jfasdf
Is there some trick with .htaccess to check some php value and set
different rules if some another value in php is set or not. I know
that you are able to set some php values in .htaccess, but as I said,
is it possible to manipulate with them inside of .htaccess. Or if
someone has some better solution, you are welcome to write it down :-)


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