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> Hello all,
> I have problem with protecting files inside of folder. So, I have one folder
> with files inside and the idea is to be able to see those files (format is not
> important) only when you are logged in system.
> I can't use solutions like to set some wierd name so that actually user is
> hardly able to guess the real path to that file, something like
> http://site.com/files/we23h4hk234hjksdjrjkl23jfasdf
> Is there some trick with .htaccess to check some php value and set different
> rules if some another value in php is set or not. I know that you are able to
> set some php values in .htaccess, but as I said, is it possible to manipulate
> with them inside of .htaccess. Or if someone has some better solution, you
> are welcome to write it down :-)
> Regards,
> Dusan
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You can create several components with PHP:
1) authentication, authorization and personalization
2) displaying the files in the various format and whether to permit navigating 
parent/sub- directories: file explorer like, filmstrip, slideshow, preview 

Then combine the components in one index.php and drop that file in all the 
desired directories.  This will give you enhanced customized service for each 
authorized user, especially if you combine it all with AJAX too.


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