Am Sunday 18 July 2010 23:10:58 schrieb Floyd Resler:
> On Jul 18, 2010, at 3:27 PM, wrote:
> > Hello everybody
> >
> > For a science project I am working on a mechanism that hands over
> > data from a smartphone to a web-browser (=Internet PC). Both connect
> > to a PHP server. The PHP server has to receive the data (=some kind
> > of an URL) on the smartphone end and deliver it to the browser end.
> >
> > Up to now there have been two (working) implementations. One using
> > the filesystem the other one using a MySQL Database. The data coming
> > up from the smartphone is stored in a file/table and some seconds
> > later sent down to the browser.
> >
> >
> > My question: is it possible to implement this mechanisms just with
> > PHP methods? I can't think of such a method but need to be sure.
> >
> >
> > Tank you in advance.
> >
> > Have a good evening,
> > Tobias
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> What I would do is have the smartphone send some unique identifier
> along with its data.  For the browser I would have the page refresh at
> certain time interval, calling a PHP script to see if any data is
> available for the smartphone's ID.  If you did want the page to keep
> reloading, you could use AJAX.
> Take care,
> Floyd

Thanks and hello again

In the current implementation the browser connects to the server using Ajax 
(XmlHttpRequest=XHR). Personally I prefer sockets too, but sockets don't work 
with XHR. This will be an option when Websockets or something of that kind 
becomes widely available. But this part is not what I wish to talk about 
today (sorry). 

Today I want to find out how to design the internal data handling. Within the 
PHP server. Please just think there is already some mechanism that does the 
data transfer between smartphone, server and browser. The browser polls the 
server (by XHR) to ask for data. The smartphone will do an (asynchronous GET) 
request to deliver a data packet to the server. 

On server side there is one PHP instance that receives the data of the 
smartphone. And there is another instance that may send the data down to the 
browser as soon as the data becomes available. It has session variables, a 
database connection and all of that typical stuff. 

The (working) method looks like this: the received data packet gets written 
into the database (by the smartphone PHP instance). And some seconds later 
the data is read again (by the browser PHP instance). 

My question is: can this be done without a database? Can one PHP instance 
(thread, process, ...) hand over data to another PHP instance? 

(Actually there is an Apache Server that executes PHP scripts. Typical LAMP 


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