Jay Blanchard wrote:
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> Thats exacty the point. In my user class I have functions whitch return
> object-lists of diffrent users or strings with html-form elements for
> managing this user account.
> But if I put all these in a helper class I would anyway need to
> implement the user object there, because of the other getter functions
> (getUserName etc.) and the table-objects.
> I always thought this would be less effective, because I have more
> instances of objects.
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> Sounds like a major refactoring is in order, how reusable is your class?
> There is not enough room in this e-mail to cover the basic and
> intermediate practices of OO design but it sounds like you may need to
> re-think your design. Does this class do one thing and only one thing?
> Does it do it really well? 

Thanks for your advice. I know that I have to go much deeper into
programm design. I would appreciate if you could send me some links with
practial examples. I've only read some theoretical and very general
stuff about it and cannot link everything to the real world.

> Just from what I am reading I see that we have a user class
> (getUserName) and that class returns lists of users? It sounds as if to
> me that the user class talks not only about a single user, but perhaps
> all of the users (object lists of different users). 

That was just to generalize things. My user class only returns
informations for one user. These informations are values of db-fields or
generated html strings.

But other classes like my message class have functions that return lists
of instances of their own class. From what you've written I think its
better to extract these functions into helper classes.

But if you want to get all messages that refer to one specific msg its
better to leave that function in the message class, isn't it? Or if you
want to get a list with all friends of a specific user?(friends are not
implemented yet)

> On the surface that sounds like to classes to me, a user class and a
> class to manipulate said users.

But back to my first Problem:

Is a class with 850 lines to long?
If it is should I take all the html genarating functions and put them in
a helper class?
If I do so and there is no way to call those functions without
initalizing the main user object, will there still be an increase of


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