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> Hi everyone,
> I've built a fairly large normalized database schema for a project.
> This is fun for me as I like thinking about how everything is
> interconnected.  Foreign keys are all set up, many-to-many tables are
> go, etc, and so on.   But now it's time to create an interface between
> that database and the website using PHP.  I've searched the web and
> this is obviously a very common problem with many solutions, but I
> can't help but feel that all of the logic I've built into the database
> is worth nothing once I start coding.  I found this
> article/presentation that essentially sums up my frustration:
> http://mag-sol.com/talks/lpm/2006/orm/.  Up until now I've been
> working on smaller projects with only a few tables that don't really
> relate to each other, and have found this tool
> (http://www.ricocheting.com/code/php/mysql-database-class-wrapper)
> very handy for the reasons he explains, but I'm looking for something
> a little different.  I've looked at RedBean and it seems pretty handy,
> but it also requires me to redefine all of the foreign keys I've
> already defined, which is annoying.  Any hope of something like
> // Get company where name='Widgets Inc.' or id=1 or....
> $company = $db->get_company("name='Widgets Inc.'");
> // Get all clients joined to the company
> $clients = $company->get_clients();
> // Get all projects joined to the client
> $projects = $clients->get_projects();
> ?

i recommend propel



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