On 6 August 2010 04:10, Rick Dwyer <rpdw...@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi List.
> I've mentioned before that I am both just beginning to learn PHP AND I have 
> inherited a number of pages that I'm trying to clean up the w3c validation on.
> Something that confuses me is how the code on the page is written where in 
> one instance, it follows this:
> echo "<table border='1'><tr>....
> And elsewhere on the page it follows:
> echo '<table border="1"><tr>....
> In what I've read and from many of the suggestions from this board, the 
> latter seems to be the better way to code, generally speaking.

It isn't better or worse. The only thing that makes a difference is
what suits you - stick to what works for you. Both double-quotes and
single-quotes can result in gotchas (in double quotes you have to
escape more, which you have to keep in mind, whereas in single quotes
you have a lot less power, which you might forget). There's no
difference in performance, which leaves just one thing: personal


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