On Wed, 2010-08-18 at 13:45 -0700, Brian Dunning wrote:

> I'm trying to write a VERY simple script that does nothing but store all the 
> submitted GET and POST vars in a string and echo it out.
> $response = print_r($_REQUEST, true);
> echo $response;
> The problem is it only shows GET vars. I've tried $POST instead of $_REQUEST 
> and it always gives an empty array. I've got it on two different servers, and 
> we have three guys trying various methods of submitting forms to it, trying 
> to eliminate all potential problems, like the possibility that the request 
> might not actually have any POST vars. I think we've safely eliminated these 
> possibilities.
> Can anyone see a reason why the above should not see POST vars? Is there some 
> security setting I don't know about?

Is there any code before the print_r() call, i.e. code that might be
setting it to an empty array?

If not, then are you sure your form is definitely sending post
variables? It sounds a stupid question, but a small typo could be
sending the data as GET by accident. Firefox has a useful extension
called Firebug which might be able to show you the data being sent to
the browser. If you really need to bring out the big guns, then
Wireshark will show all the network traffic, including that sent from
your form to the server.


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