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>> On Wed, 2010-08-18 at 13:45 -0700, Brian Dunning wrote:
>> > I'm trying to write a VERY simple script that does nothing but store all
>> the submitted GET and POST vars in a string and echo it out.
>> >
>> > $response = print_r($_REQUEST, true);
>> > echo $response;
>> >
>> > The problem is it only shows GET vars. I've tried $POST instead of
>> $_REQUEST and it always gives an empty array. I've got it on two different
>> servers, and we have three guys trying various methods of submitting forms
>> to it, trying to eliminate all potential problems, like the possibility that
>> the request might not actually have any POST vars. I think we've safely
>> eliminated these possibilities.
>> >
>> > Can anyone see a reason why the above should not see POST vars? Is there
>> some security setting I don't know about?
>> Is there any code before the print_r() call, i.e. code that might be
>> setting it to an empty array?
>> If not, then are you sure your form is definitely sending post
>> variables? It sounds a stupid question, but a small typo could be
>> sending the data as GET by accident. Firefox has a useful extension
>> called Firebug which might be able to show you the data being sent to
>> the browser. If you really need to bring out the big guns, then
>> Wireshark will show all the network traffic, including that sent from
>> your form to the server.
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> Check php.ini for this setting:
> variables_order
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And I suppose post_max_size could cause issues, too.

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