On 19/08/2010, Ashley Sheridan <a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk> wrote:
> I think it's fairly clear that for whatever reason, PHP isn't properly
> configured with Apache. You've mentioned you're using Mandriva, which,
> coincidentally, is what i've just recently installed on my home machine.
> It has a very good graphical package manager that you can use to install
> PHP and Apache. I'm not at my home machine right now, so I don't recall
> the exact name, but it's found somewhere in the Computer Settings main
> menu dialogue. From here, you can install Apache and PHP, which will
> configure Apache as well to recognise PHP scripts and execute them.
mcc (mandriva linux control centre) is the command (or more
specifically, rpmdrake)

To my knowledge, using this tool, all necessary files are installed. I
suspect that there is a fault with the way that mandriva builds the

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