On 19/08/2010, Ashley Sheridan <a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk> wrote:
> No, because Apache doesn't need to process HTML in the same way it needs
> to process PHP. The tag <?php in your code is being sent down to your
> browser as HTML (view the source on the page you're browsing to) and
> interpreted as a tag by your browser, hence what appears to be partially
> processed output.
> It's fairly clear by now that Apache does not know about your PHP
> install (if there even is one)
> I've just set up and installed PHP and Apache on my Mandriva box since
> I've been at home, and it took all of 5 minutes from within the package
> manager. Trust me, it's far easier to go that route than install the
> packages one-by-one as you seem to be doing as, unless you know exactly
> what packages you need, it's all too easy to miss installing something.
Yes that is what I was inspecting; I plan to re-install the entire OS.

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