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> On 19/08/2010, Ashley Sheridan <a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk> wrote:
> > No, because Apache doesn't need to process HTML in the same way it needs
> > to process PHP. The tag <?php in your code is being sent down to your
> > browser as HTML (view the source on the page you're browsing to) and
> > interpreted as a tag by your browser, hence what appears to be partially
> > processed output.
> >
> > It's fairly clear by now that Apache does not know about your PHP
> > install (if there even is one)
> >
> > I've just set up and installed PHP and Apache on my Mandriva box since
> > I've been at home, and it took all of 5 minutes from within the package
> > manager. Trust me, it's far easier to go that route than install the
> > packages one-by-one as you seem to be doing as, unless you know exactly
> > what packages you need, it's all too easy to miss installing something.
> >
> Yes that is what I was inspecting; I plan to re-install the entire OS.

You don't have to reinstall the entire OS, that's a very Windows
approach to the problem. I played around a bit last night with urpmi and
you should be able to just list the packages you need with urpmq --fuzzy
package_name, and then install the ones listed you think you need. I did
notice that urpmi doesn't install the DB when you install the Apache mod
for that DB, so you might need to install that separately, but other
than that, you should be good to go if you install the Apache php mod.


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