I started out not using a framework... then I started at a company who used a 
"zend" like framework, worked there for a bit, then moved on, and started using 

I found that they were great for what they are... but really simplified things 
too much, so I created my own framework, incorporating the classes that I use 
all the time (smarty/fpdf/jquery/tinymce), and with that, I learned a LOT about 
how things really worked.

I would suggest looking at the core of the frameworks to see how things are put 
together, and how they really work... but maybe make one that is more custom to 
your application?

As for subdomain vs subdirectory, if your using SSL, then you would need a 
wildcard SSL which is usually more money.  Eitherway you choose, you will have 
to program around it.  The app that I created uses subdomains, because we were 
using CA SSL Certs, and the clients preferred to have their own IP's... long 
story, not my call, I just program it :P

Steven Staples

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> > If you're new to PHP, I would recommend not using a framework for the
> > experience you will gain with the language, as a framework will tend to
> > hide away certain caveats and peculiarities of PHP which could lead to
> > issues further down the line. Most people I know who are great PHP
> > programmers have tended to start without frameworks at first.
> >
> > Having said that, if you're looking for a rapid deployment with a
> > shorter learning curve, then a framework might be better in this
> > situation.
> >
> You could also argue that using a framework is more likely to promote
> good habits, as there's a bigger chance you'll be forced down good
> paths.
> Regards
> Peter
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