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> Language/Framework decisions aside... my main question is about subdomain (
> customerx.appname.com vs subdirectory (appname.com/customerx/) models for
> instances of individual customers' accounts.
> It seems most people are opting for the former -- is this but a trebd? --
> but I see flickr use the latter. The guys at Particletree (i.e., Wufoo)
> wrote a blog post about it (
> http://particletree.com/notebook/subdomains-development-sucks/) years ago
> to
> which they still attest.

subdomains are useful for separating out various applications on a site.
 for example, suppose you have a client facing application w/ a backend,
then a separate application for coordinating development of this app, trac
for example.  say your main url is blah.com.

for the main app you might just take your blah.com proper (this is typical),
then for the trac site you have trac.blah.com.  within each of these
applications the subdirectory approach is taken.

basically if you were to use a subdomain approach for a single app it would
typically need to be massive to rationalize (unless youre insane).  lots of
large sites use subdomains to implement distribution.  say you have a big
image hosting site, all the images are stored on s3, so you might have
images.blah.com in that case (note the images are hosted on separate

just general guidelines, quite vague, but hopefully helpful.


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