In order to help we really need to have a look at the code in question. You say 
the code is derived from another class you downloaded. Are you able to post the 
important bits of it in an email, or put it all on a pastebin?


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From: "Dave M G" <>
Date: Wed, Sep 8, 2010 18:45
Subject: [PHP] Broken pipes, time outs, PHP, and mail
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Thank you for replying.

> Your code should be able to re-open the
> connection at this point and resend the message that triggered the
> error. Then resume working on the rest of your list.

Unfortunately, it seems that this is not happening. The loop that sends 
out individual mail dies, and the remaining mails stop being sent.

Is there perhaps some way I can force the PHP code to ignore the one 
mailing that failed and continue with the rest?

Dave M G

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