From: Dave M G

>> There is one other possibility. According to the RFCs, the standard
>> ending for email is CRLF. Make sure your system is sending both
>> characters after each line. There is a slim chance the server is
>> you off after some number of bytes if you are only sending a LF.
> This is actually a possiblity. I think I might be only using LF.
> Some of the text being sent in the emails is entered via a form on a
> page. Is it possible to enforce CRLF on that text?

You would have to scan the text when you process the form and replace
any bare LF you find with CRLF. The string sequence for that would be
"\r\n". It shouldn't be too difficult to come up with a regular
expression to find any LF not preceded by a CR and replace it.

Also, check your mail library to make sure it defines $EOL correctly as
well. I reported that as a bug in PHPMailer a while back. If it is
correct, it may actually fix the bare LF's for you.

Bob McConnell

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