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> I have a form with a bunch of text fields in it. The name of the fields is
> the rowid of items in my data base:
> <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="edit.php3">
> <textarea name="23" class="field"></textarea>
> <textarea name="2" class="field"></textarea>
> <textarea name="15" class="field"></textarea>
> <input type="Submit" name="save" value="submit">
> <FORM>
> Now, I want to change all of the items in the DB where a rowid was submited.
> Is there an easy way to do this?

here's a hint:

 <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="edit.php3">
 <textarea name="f[23]" class="field"></textarea>
 <textarea name="f[2]" class="field"></textarea>
 <textarea name="f[15]" class="field"></textarea>
 <input type="Submit" name="save" value="submit">

$f = $HTTP_POST_VARS['f']; // if you have register globals off

foreach ($f as $rowid => $content) {
    $rowid = (int)$rowid;
    // add some sanity checks on $content here
    $qs = "UPDATE idunnowhat SET content='$content' WHERE rowid=$rowid";
    $db->query($qs); // provided that $db is an database connection object or

dere u go

-- teodor

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