On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 1:15 PM, Per Jessen <p...@computer.org> wrote:
> J Ravi Menon wrote:
>> On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 12:43 AM, Per Jessen <p...@computer.org> wrote:
>>> J Ravi Menon wrote:
>>>> Few questions:
>>>> 1) Does opcode cache really matter in such cli-based daemons? As
>>>> 'SomeClass' is instantiated at every loop, I am assuming it is only
>>>> compiled once as it has already been 'seen'.
>>> Yup.
>> Just to clarify, you mean we don't need the op-code cache here right?
> That is correct.
>>>> 2) What about garbage collection? In a standard apache-mod-php
>>>> setup, we rely on the end of a request-cycle to free up resources -
>>>> close file descriptiors, free up memory etc..
>>>> I am assuming in the aforesaid standalone daemon case, we would
>>>> have to do this manually?
>>> Yes.
>> So 'unset($some_big_array)'  or 'unset($some_big_object)' etc.. is the
>> right way to go for non-resource based items? i.e. it needs to be
>> explicitly done?
> It's not quite like C - if you reassign something, the previous contents
> are automagically freed.  I use unset() if I know it could be a while
> (hours) before it'll likely be reassigned, but it won't be used in the
> meantime.

Thanks Per for clarifying this for me. Now on my follow up question:

[Note: I think it is related to the issues discussed above hence
keeping it on this thread but if I am violating any guidelines here,
do let me know]

One reason the aforesaid questions got triggered was that in our
company right now, there is a big discussion on moving away from
apache+mod_php solution to nginx+fast-cgi based model for handling all
php-based services. The move seems to be more based some anecdotal
observations and possibly not based on a typical php-based app (i.e.
the php script involved was trivial one acting as some proxy to
another backend service).

I have written fast-cgi servers in the past in C++, and I am aware how
the apahce<---->fast-cgi-servers work (in unix socket setups).  All
our php apps are written with apache+mod_php in mind (no explicit
resource mgmt ), so this was a concern to me.

If the same scripts now need to run 'forever' as a fastcgi server, are
we forced to do such manual resource mgmt? Or are there solutions here
that work just as in mod_php?

This reminded me of the cli daemons that I had written earlier where
such manual cleanups were done, and hence my doubts on this
nginx+fast-cgi approach.


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