At 6:03 PM -0400 9/17/10, Gary wrote:
Is there a way to insert a watermark on an image as it is being uploaded to
the image file, then removed when it is called from a database to be viewed
on a website?

The rational behind this is I have a photographers site I am doing, and I am
limiting the size of the images somewhat to reduce pilferage and I would
like to be able to show the images a little larger, hence with a bit more
clarity and detail.

Thanks for your input.



Don't complicate this process more than necessary.

Simply upload the image file normally and store it in the file system OR the database.

When you want to show the image as a thumbnail, then show it. Here's the code:

If you want to show it with a watermark, then show that. Again, here's the code:

If you want to show the image as a thumbnail with a watermark, then combine the two routines. I'll leave that to you.




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