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 Is there a way to insert a watermark on an image as it is being uploaded
 to the image file, then removed when it is called from a database to be
 viewed on a website?

 The rational behind this is I have a photographers site I am doing, and I
 am limiting the size of the images somewhat to reduce pilferage and I
 would like to be able to show the images a little larger, hence with a bit
 more clarity and detail.

 > Thanks for your input.


When the user see's an image in their browser they *have* downloaded it.

You cannot show them an image without a watermark and then somehow prohibit them from downloading the image. When you show it, you've lost control.

My advice, show them an image with a watermark and only allow them to see an image without the watermark when you want them to see it -- in other words, protect the image.




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