From: Andy McKenzie

> I think the main thing I'm seeing is that there isn't a single,
> accepted, simple way to do this:  no matter what I do, it will be a
> workaround of some type.  Either I'm adding complexity (a function to
> convert everything), or I'm adding lines (heredoc/nowdoc seem to
> require that the opening and closing tags be on lines without any of
> the string on them), or I'm adding typing (adding ' . "\n"' to the end
> of every line of HTML).  Perhaps I'll put some effort into building a
> function to do it, but not this week... I think for now I'll keep
> appending those newlines, and just have more code to fix at a later
> date.  It's reasonably clean, it's just mildly annoying.

It should be relatively easy to do a search and replace on the double
tag locations and insert the newlines. Using tr(1) to replace all "><"
pairs with ">\n<" might be an improvement. Would it be easier to remove
the extras, or to insert all of them in the first place?

Bob McConnell

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