At 2:56 PM -0400 9/20/10, Andy McKenzie wrote:
Hey folks,

  I have the feeling this is a stupid question, but I can't even find
anything about it.  Maybe I'm just not searching for the right things.

  Here's the problem.  I'm writing a lot of pages, and I hate going in
and out of PHP.  At the same time, I want my HTML to be legible.  When
you look at it, that's kind of a problem, though... for instance


You can mix html and php more effectively and with better clarity than that.

Two things you should consider:

1. Effective use of includes. Please review and learn from this demo:

2. Isolated use of echo()'s. I only mix html and php when it is necessary to inject values created by a php/mysql process. To show these values I typically use this format:

<?php echo($whatever); ?>

within html -- for example:

<h1><?php echo($title);?></h1>

As such, all my code (html, css, php, mysql, javascript) is not complex, nor unreadable, and is easily maintainable.




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