Hi everybody,

      I am using Open 10.3 with KDE 3.5.10 on an x86_64 system. I want to 
use the function "http_post_data()" from module "pecl_http" (in a script 
called from shell, which could be an important detail...). And did not 

      Is Open Suse repertories organised such a way that standard 
installation as read on the web (in the http://www.php.net/manual/ pages) 
does not work ?

      I allready gaveup in the past with an other module, that I just wanted 
to evaluate (gtk2). But now, it hangs!

> cd /home/me/bin/PHP/php-5.3.3/ext
> pecl download pecl_http
this gives a /home/me/bin/PHP/php-5.3.3/ext/pecl_http-1.7.0.tar file 
(uncompresssed) extraction with xml file inside, then:
> cd /home/me/bin/PHP/php-5.3.3
> rm configure
> ./buildconf --force
> ./configure --with-pecl_http
> make
# make install

(I did not see problem...)Then I try to execute a file containing:

#!/usr/bin/php --interactive
<? /** bla-bla */

... );

and the result is:
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined function http_post_data() 
in /home/me/Developpements/Mes_scripts_php/essais_post_2_site.php on line 

      The computer is personnal and for local developement, which means that 
the module could be installed as part of PHP (cli |& cgi) or as dynamicaly 
loadable  module...

      Thank for the time spent reading my mail

NB I dont know since which try I got this mesage, at startup:

« Unable to load dynamic 
library '/usr/lib64/php5/extensions/pecl_http.so' - 
cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on 
line 0 »

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