Le jeudi 23 septembre 2010, a...@ashleysheridan.co.uk a écrit :
> Suse uses yast2 iirc, which you can use to list and install php modules.
> Search for 'php' in yast software manager module. 
      Thanks Ash,

      I id'nt find any "iirc" software / module... I relatively well know 
yast2 (since yast [SüSE 6.x]!). Are you sure about this "iirc" or is it 
a "souvenir". I would like some sowtware to tell me the currently PHP 
installed modules!

      I really dont know where to look. The generated make file is so easy 
to read! I need to know how PHP installs it self. Usualy, the processes 
discripted in a software documentation for installation / modification work 
with open suse, but here... I am ready to reinstall all but this is risky: 
I would like apache to continue running correctly!


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