On 23 September 2010 21:47, YAD(YetAnotherDavid) <ani...@mail.com> wrote:
> This code is 95% cut and paste from the PHP manual examples -
> the Types/Strings/Heredocs section and the Filesystem/fnmatch pages.
> There are actually two questions here - I have combined the code into one
> test file ... the strings in the code contain the questions ..
> at the end I have inserted the output I get from the code - identical in
> Firefox and IE8 (so it's not browser related), and on my desktop as well as
> my laptop (so it's not a machine quirk). The setup is Xammplite Win32-1.7.1
> with PHP 5.2.9 and Apache 2.2.11 on both WinXP-SP3 installs.
> I tried Xammp Win32-1.7.3 with the same results. Then I tried installing
> Apache and PHP and MySQL individually, and got the same ...
> Aside from the issue here, I also was unable to get imagick and xdebug
> running on the same installation - it was one or the other. imagick's
> readfile() caused Apache to baulk on PHP5.3.3, so I returned to a fresh
> Xammplite setup. Same results.
> I have spent many hours with this - I would appreciate some insight ..
> Question 1 : how to get the newline functioning ....? even print_r() output
> is not 'newlined' as it should be. Also note the \n is missing between the "
> " in the output text of the second test!

Are you outputting to browser or to command line? Browsers have a
habit of ignoring whitespaces, reducing them to one whitespace
character regardless of their type or how many.


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